We have oil filler cap, seal plug, pedal pad, and much more. Small parts are also important for safety just like any other parts. Our Gepard EXTRA parts range includes all these important parts. Gepard does not only deal with the “classic” areas.

This product line joins together many parts of different product groups for all present car models. Gepard range is very comprehensive.

The product range of Gepard pieces continuously being increased. This manner, we verify our service dedication to even meet special customer needs – with the extra factor in the spare parts market.

Oil Filler Cap

Fuel Filler Cap

Pedal Pads

Seal Plugs

Oil Dipstick for engine

Windscreen Washer Nozzle

Resistor for blower

Gasket Sets

Windshield Washer Reservoir Cap

Clutch for air conditioning compressor

Bonnet Bump Stop

Bonnet Recline Wire

Heater Flap Motor Actuator